Ep 137: Managing Type 2 Diabetes with Intuitive Eating with Shaquelle Hibbert

Session Notes

For this episode, I’m joined by Shaquelle Hibbert (@kinactivity on IG) and we’re talking all about managing Type 2 Diabetes through an Intuitive Eating lens.

Main Topics:

  • Shaquelle introduces herself and the work she does
  • Shaquelle shares some of the biggest misconceptions about managing Type 2 Diabetes
  • Shaquelle offers some key tips when it comes to managing Type 2 Diabetes through an Intuitive Eating lens
  • Shaquelle gives her thoughts on the perception that Intuitive Eating is just eating whatever you want and therefore “flying off the rails”, which doesn’t feel aligned with being able to manage a chronic condition like diabetes
  • Shaquelle explains where exercise fits into management of Type 2 Diabetes
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