EP151 – The Healing Phase of Intuitive Eating

Session Notes

For this episode, I’m going through the top things to know about the healing phase of intuitive eating (and why you may be feeling like intuitive eating is not “working” for you).

Main Topics:

  • You’re not going to jump straight to honoring hunger/fullness cues because you need to HEAL from the restriction.
  • Restriction is not just physical, it is also mental. For a lot of my clients, it is primarily this MENTAL restriction keeping them stuck.
  • Attuning to fullness in particular will come NATURALLY without having to “perfectly pay attention” to cues when you are eating enough satisfying food, consistently throughout the day.
  • The discomfort of feeling “out of control” can show up with body image fears and not “doing anything about it” in these early phases.
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